Enbig Apparels Pvt Ltd.

About Enbig

Enbig Apparels Pvt Ltd is a Private Limited company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 promoted by a group of like-minded members of the Nair Community, who are all also members of Nair Seva Samaj, Tamil Nadu. The basic concept and objective of the company are to bring together techno-business knowledge and investment potential of the Nair Community in a platform to find out funds for charitable activities and also to provide a reasonable return on investment. The meaning of the coined “ENBIG” is Nairs Business Investment Group. This is the first endeavour in the above-mentioned concept. The main business objective of Enbig Apparels Pvt Ltd is to cater to the needs of day-to-day customers and good requirements of the Nair Community spread all over India and plough back the economics of consumer good requirements of Nair Community spread all over India and plough back the economics of consumer goods market to the material development of the community. Consumer goods requirements will either be manufactured by self-help groups among the Nair community of affiliated state units of NSS and also outsourcing of goods from established Nair Entrepreneurs.

This initiative was discussed in a webinar conducted by NSS for two days on January 22nd and 23rd titled “Nairs Network – A Road Map”. The Board of Directors of Enbig Apparels Pvt Ltd are the office bearers of various Nair organizations working in different of India and also affiliated units of Nair Seva Samaj. Those who are ready to co-operate with this venture can contact the concerned person for further details.

We invite all community-loving people and well-wishers to join the customer network of this company to ensure to get quality consumer goods at your doorstep and participate in contributing to the charity of the community while you consume your day-to-day needs.

About Enbig Apparels

Our own production T-shirts, collor neck & round neck, vest & brief, nighty & bed spreads…
Also, we have cotton dhotis, kasavu dhoti, kaavi dhoti, set mundu, set sarees, printed set sarees, pure silk sarees, cotton sarees, leggings & 100% Linen shirts material.